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The United Planetary Alliance (aka U.P.A., UPA or The Alliance) is an organisation set up to hold democracy and organisation between planets in different solar systems that are inhabited by Humans and New Humans.

The U.P.A. also refers to the area of space occupied by The Alliance and the civilisations in this area that are part of it.

Planets in the U.P.A. Edit

Planet Solar System
Kroni Major Urtisia
Kroni Minor Urtisia
Fu-Sang 5 Urtisia
New Earth Urtisia
K'Athena Zyg
Goliath Sylofak
Palion Sylofak
Terax Sylofak

Leadership Edit

The Cabinet Edit

This part of the government is the most powerful and is responsible for making decisions for the entire U.P.A. It is led by the infinite wisdom of His Majesty the King of New Earth.

The Cabinet serve as advisors to His Majesty the King of New Earth. The number of members of The Cabinet changes and each member is chosen personally by His Majesty the King of New Earth.

The Senate Edit

The UPA consists of nine planets whose countries' heads of state form the Senate.

Senator Representing Planet Representing Country
Tandra Dowe Kroni Major
Jack Fennel Kroni Minor
Kono Kuzo Fu-Sang 5
Richard Frost New Earth
David Bourne Okania
Azari M'Golio K'Athena
Kyyl Favreaux Goliath
Jessica Phyllis Palion
Naomi Dervin Terax
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