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The Agency: Series 1 is a series of short story episodes which were all released after being written. The episodes follow a criminal named Razor who ends up imprisoned and is given the chance of a new life by joining RHINO. He then becomes part of a team of agents who fight crime in the city of Zahar whilst also investigating a plot to destroy the agency.


Episode Number Episode Name Synopsis Date Published
1 The Grimy Gang Meet Razor, Kai, Flynn and Sync: a rag-tag gang of dirty thieves in the end of the 22nd Century, just trying to survive. 15th of

January 2016

2 The Big Job The gang take on their most daring job yet: getting info on the black market from a high profile poker player who runs the whole market. 18th of

February 2016

3 Induction After waking up in a strange, empty room, Razor is introduced to his new life. He must make a decision to take it, or go back to his gang and a life of crime. 21st of

March 2016

4 Initiation Razor adjusts to his new life as an agent of RHINO, but his teammates are not happy when their boss gives them some

unexpected instructions.

11th of

April 2016

5 Komodo-12 The agents must complete their team, so they decide to look in one of Zahar city's dark districts for someone 'terrorising

the fight clubs'.

24th of

April 2016

6 Dusk In Zahar Komodo-12 head to Zenith Park to find out what a local gang has been planning for the New Year's fireworks display and uncover something disturbing in the process. 30th of

July 2016

7 The Snake Pit Komodo-12 are tasked with interrogating a Snake dealer and get more than they bargained for. 31st of August 2016
8 Long Night The agents put their feet up for a well-deserved holiday, but even though the agents can take a break, the world doesn't. This wasn't the holiday they were hoping for. 7th of November 2016
9 Cold Blood Big Fish have become a bigger problem than initially thought, and the agents have some questions about RHINO itself. 29th of December 2016
10 Turmoil The agents have escaped the Komodo HQ, but now they must formulate a plan to take back the RHINO facilities across the world and defeat Max Bond once and for all. 31st of December 2016
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