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The Agency: New Horizons is the novella currently being written by Kiran Evans as the continuation of the short story series The Agency.

A few days after releasing the final episode of Series 1, in a Facebook post, creator Kiran Evans said:

"So a year ago now I released the first episode of The Agency. I had a lot of fun writing it although it didn't turn out how I wanted originally. I'm glad to have the experience now and I'm already having ideas for something new... yet familiar. I won't be writing a second series anytime soon as I want to move onto something a bit different but I have ideas about where the story goes after Episode 10 so stay tuned."

The post was published on the 10th of January 2017.

Recently, Kiran has said that originally he was planning on writing a second series but, after enjoying writing Indigo, he decided to instead turn the plan for Series 2 into a novella named The Agency: New Horizons.

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