This article is about the character 'Samantha Indigo'. For the novella 'Indigo', see Indigo (Story).

About Edit

Samantha Indigo was an intelligence agent who devoted her life to intelligence and eventually became head of the Komodo division of RHINO, based on Kroni Major.

Life History Edit

Early Life Edit

Indigo was born in the Pylin district of Zahar city. She was raised by both her parents alongside her five-year-older brother.

Education Edit

After high school, Indigo studied at the Wilberforce Academy where she gained a master's degree in Chemical Physics at the age of 22. She went on to pursue a doctorate at The Taovo Institution for Innovation and Research, but was approached by intelligence organisation RHINO during her study and she took the job (PROSE: Indigo).

Employment at RHINO Edit

Indigo joined the Komodo division of the organisation at the age of 23. She joined Komodo-9 in Taovo. After only a few weeks as part of the team, Indigo was contacted by RHINO boss Calvin Calvin and was promoted to head of Komodo. (PROSE: Indigo)

Indigo spent six years as Komodo leader, creating several new teams across the globe, setting up intelligence coverage in new, prospering cities.

Downfall Edit

During her sixth year of leading her division, Indigo's career ended when she was murdered by gang leader Maximilian Bond after it was revealed that she was working as a double agent for RHINO and Big Fish (PROSE: Cold Blood). Her premature death was a terrible loss to her family, friends and closest colleagues. Her death also caused the RHINO division on Kroni Major to dissolve and be overrun by Big Fish.

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