About Homo summa Edit

Homo summa (meaning "supreme man") is a species of the genus Homo. They are incredibly similar to their creators and genetic cousins, Homo sapiens, but are physically superior.

History Edit

Creation & First Generation Edit

Homo summa were created by Sarah Greaves, a head scientist at Scorpion in the year 2050 on New Earth during a 50-year project named Project Amalgam. The species was created with the intent of bettering the human race by combining their DNA with that of other animals. The project, overall, was unsuccessful as they found they could not improve the human race and instead created an entirely different species.

The first 200 Homo summa were bred in laboratories and were born of human surrogacy. During their development, Scorpion scientists were adamant that the subjects didn't leave the laboratories or breed with anything other than their own species.

Second Generation Edit

The breeding project was successful and by 2070 the second generation of New Humans came about sooner than expected. It was observed that the New Human pregnancy lasted only six months and that New Humans were capable of producing more offspring than humans.

Third Generation Edit

In the year 2100, the third generation of Homo summa was well underway and increased the population drastically. At this point, it was obvious that Scorpion would not be able to contain this as a science project any longer and after many public protests and debate within the UPA, the New Humans were released into society.

Unfortunately, the New Humans were not accepted into society very easily and, despite being superior physically, were treated as lesser than humans.

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