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Martin Gladius is a New Human born on the 19th of May 2178 in Wey, New Tokyo, Harashi, Fu-Sang 5. He currently works for RHINO as part of Komodo-12, but his life hasn't always been that way.

Life History Edit

Early Life Edit

Martin's early life was a traumatic one. He was kidnapped by a gang at the age of 3 when his older sister, Charlie, tried to sell him in order to pay for food as both their parents had died in the beginnings of what would later be declared as the Four Race War (PROSE: Induction).

Gang Life & Education Edit

From age 3, Martin was in a gang who operated in the streets of Osiki, though he was not aware of their business until later in his life. Gang member Flynn Holo took on the responsibility of raising Martin (PROSE: The Grimy Gang). He entered him into a local martial arts school and, despite his lack of a proper family to fall back on, Martin did well in his school and became quite a successful pupil and was soon well respected by his teacher, Hiroko Shanshe (PROSE: The Big Job).

Through 17 years of martial arts experience, Martin became very skilled fighting with swords. He used this unique skill to his advantage and became very popular among his fellow school pupils. This inspired Martin to pursue a career of martial arts training, but gang leader Kai Mann would not allow Martin to stray away from the gang and was forced into a life of crime (PROSE: The Big Job).

The end of his gang life came when the gang leader, known as Kai, planned a job that was too difficult and consequently ended the gang as Kai was arrested and the other members went missing (PROSE: The Big Job, Induction).

Employment at RHINO Edit

After Martin was forced out of his gang, he was recruited by RHINO and immediately moved from Fu-Sang 5 to Kroni Major where he joined the Komodo division and became the third member of what would later become Komodo-12 (PROSE: Initiation, Komodo-12). He was employed at RHINO because of his special skills with swords, but also because his sister had connections with the organisation and requested that Martin was found and brought to her so that she could make up to him what he had lost (PROSE: Induction).

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