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Kroni Major is one of the many home planets of the Human and New Human races and has the highest population of Humans in the entire UPA. It is also home to one of the UPA's largest divisions of RHINO (PROSE: Initiation).

The planet does not have any moons or rings, which makes it very easy to travel to and from. For this reason, Kroni Major is a very popular planet to trade with and has several trading ports across the globe.

History Edit

Discovery Edit

The planet was discovered during year one of the First Great Exploration by a New Human fleet of ships. The first area discovered was explored quickly and the planet soon had its first nation, Resillion and its respective capital, Zahar.

Joining the UPA Edit

As the UPA initiated the First Great Exploration, any planet discovered during its period would automatically become part of it. However, every planet needs a representative and so the mayor of Zahar, Joyce Barnes, was appointed.

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