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Kong Street market is a multicultural trading post in the city of New Tokyo. The street is a long, narrow road which is closed to vehicles. The market was at the height of its success in the mid-22nd Century but fell into decline after major construction began along the street to compensate for the city's lack of housing.

Kong Street market (Poem) Edit

Kong Street market was a poem written by Kiran Evans, describing how the market came to be so famous and why it had degraded to its empty state later in its history (PROSE: The Grimy Gang).

Kiran Evans

Kong Street market, with people, is heaving.

We'll sell you a memory; you won't soon be leaving.

For silver and jewels,

A plethora of tools,

Come to Kong Street market.

Kong Street market, for herbs and fruits

And musical gifts: pianos and flutes.

For lemon and lime,

Rosemary and thyme,

Buy them from Kong Street market.

Kong Street market, a bustling place,

A long, narrow street filled with many a face.

Whether smiling or sad,

For good or for bad,

You'll see them at Kong Street market.

The market is home

To those who roam

From planet to planet

And sometimes alone.

A safe haven for those

With incredible woes

Seeking joy and success

The Universe knows

You get it from Kong Street market.

One day, however,

In alien weather,

The market did meet

The end of its tether.

Rife with crime

And building with grime

The market fell into

A desolate time

And was no longer Kong Street market.

Many a stall?

Barely any at all.

Joy and success?

It's past its best.

The market still stands

But with ageing hands

Like those of Kong Street market.

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