This article is about the team of agents named 'Komodo-12'. For the short story with the same name, see Komodo-12 (Short Story Episode).

About Edit

Komodo-12 are the thirteenth team in the Komodo division of intelligence organisation RHINO, based on Kroni Major.

Members Edit

Martin "Razor" Gladius Edit

Martin Gladius joined Agents Merkolov and Sharkew in 2198 after being part of a gang for over 15 years (PROSE: Induction). He brings incredible combat skills to the team and specialises in hand-held bladed weaponry.

Aaron Ignis Edit

Aaron was found by the other members of the team in a fight club in the Linga district of Zahar, Resillion, Kroni Major (PROSE: Komodo-12).

Archie "Merko" Merkolov Edit

Archie, better known as Merko, tends to take the leading role in the team, though he and Agent Sharkew are joint leaders of the team. Merko is very skilled with firearms and interrogation.

Jerome "Shark" Sharkew Edit

Jerome joined RHINO before any of the other members of Komodo-12 and is the most experienced. He is known as Shark by his colleagues and is also known as the Negotiator due to his high skills of persuasion.

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