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Jerome Sharkew, nicknamed "Shark", is an intelligence agent from Ava, New Earth.

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Early Life Edit

Jerome was born in the city of Forthampton, one of the most prestigious cities in the UPA, known for its excellent military progression. Jerome's parents were both military officers in the Ava Army and so Jerome was looked after by his grandparents full-time whilst his parents visited when they could.

Education Edit

From age 16, Jerome was educated at the Forthampton Military College studying intelligence and joined the Hyena division of RHINO as an intern.

Employment at RHINO Edit

Post-Education Edit

After being educated as an intern at RHINO, Jerome was already on good grounds with the organisation and when he left education at the age of 18, he was offered a job as an officer in the Hyena division. He accepted the job and was re-stationed to Kroni Major.

Komodo Edit

Jerome worked for Samantha Indigo (head of the Komodo division) for four years, taking on missions first as a driver, then as an ammunition support officer. During his fourth year as an officer, he was promoted to an agent and partnered with a fellow agent.

Partnership with Archie Merkolov Edit

In the year 2193, Jerome was partnered with Komodo agent Archie Merkolov. Merkolov had only been an agent for a few months, but was already an expert in his trade, having trained rigorously in the army before joining RHINO. The pair were re-stationed to Fu-Sang 5 and instructed to find another agent to form a team. After failing to find any suitable candidates, they were told to return to Kroni Major. Just a day before leaving, Jerome's sister-in-law, Charlie, contacted him saying that her long lost brother was lost in the same district that they were stationed in and asked him and his partner to look for him. Soon enough, they managed to find him and found that he was suitable as a RHINO agent. They returned to Kroni Major with their new recruit (PROSE: Induction).

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