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Jeffrey Able, known as Viper, was a drug dealer from Zahar on Kroni Major. He was most renowned for trading the drug Snake with gang Big Fish. He also had close connections with the gang's leader, Maximilian Bond.

Viper was also an adjudicator and compere for the ring of underground fight clubs in the Linga district of Zahar and had local fame in that respect.

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Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Viper's early life, as the government somewhat neglected the Linga District. As his parents are also unknown, it is likely that he was orphaned as a child and raised by gang members.

Adult Life Edit

Viper was raised in a life of crime, so as an adult, that is how he led his life. He became a drug dealer and started selling to Big Fish, which meant that he could afford his own apartment in the Safia district of Zahar.

Death Edit

Viper's life came to an abrupt end when Maximilian Bond revealed Viper's whereabouts to intelligence organisation RHINO. Viper's apartment was broken into and he was interrogated. After revealing too much information, Maximilian Bond's henchmen had Viper killed in his apartment (PROSE: The Snake Pit).

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