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Fu-Sang 5 is the fifth planet in the Fu-Sang Group. It is famous for being notoriously dangerous to travel to because of its incredibly thick atmosphere, generated by the billions of volcanoes on the planet's surface.

Fu-Sang 5's days are so long that it is almost impossible to tell when it has started and finished. Luckily, not much sunlight reaches the planet's surface, so the city streets are constantly artificially lit and are in sync with the UPA Standard Time.

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Discovery Edit

During the First Great Exploration, Fu-Sang 5 was discovered after a Human ship from the Discovery Fleet crashed into its moon. It was later discovered that this moon was made of a new material which could evade advanced detection technology. Once the rescue team had reached the crashed ship, it was realised that the moon was orbiting an enormous planet, almost three times the size of Earth!

Foundation Edit

Like most planets in the UPA, Fu-Sang 5 was populated very soon after its discovery and cities were quickly established. The capital nation, Singu, was founded and the city of Fo-Lang was made the capital. Yong Chao, as mayor of Fo-Lang, became the UPA representative for the planet.

Moon Edit

Fu-Sang 5 has one moon, Hang-Sui, which is made primarily of a material locally known as Sui Stone, but scientifically named Suitanium. The moon likely drifted there from the Great Asteroid Belt - as no such material exists on the planet itself - and affects the planet in no way. Hang-Sui, despite its apparent uselessness, is regarded as one of the many jewels of the universe as it is the only object outside the planet's atmosphere visible from the surface. Because of its material makeup, Hang-Sui also glows blue when exposed to sunlight, which at peak times can even be seen from Fu-Sang 5's surface!

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