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Damian Sharkew is a scientist from Kroni Major.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Damian was born on Fu-Sang 5 to scientists Paul Sharkew and Anne Mortlake. His parents were not married when Damian was born, but they decided that it was time to marry when Anne became pregnant. Anne and Paul did not intend to start a family so their marriage was filled with tension, the only thing holding them together being Damian.

Education Edit

Damian was educated from the age of 3 years and stayed in full-time education until the age of 20 when he graduated from university.

Family Life Edit

At the age of ten, Damian was going through a tough period as his father filed for divorce, claiming that Damian's mother was abusive towards himself and Damian. Damian's father won custody of him and they moved house. Damian's mother was banned from contacting Damian and so was not able to tell him that she found out she was pregnant only days after the divorce. In August 2175, Damian's younger brother, Jerome, was born.

Teen Years Edit

During his teen years, Damian's father committed suicide after suffering from depression. Damian was placed in a local children's home. A matter of months after being placed there, the children's home ran out of funds and was forced to shut down and evict all the staff and children. Charlie and Damian stuck together and were forced to fend for themselves, with the added responsibility of Charlie's younger brother, Martin. At the time, the whole planet of Fu-Sang 5 was in a financial crisis and they had no choice but to sell Martin on the streets. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by a gang and wasn't found until they were much older. (PROSE: Induction)

Reconnecting with Jerome Edit

At the age of 21, Damian and his now-wife Charlie were both working on the Kong Street market. Damian had aspirations to use his university degree in a much higher-paying job in order to support their newborn twins, Tom and Archie. Damian got a call from the other end of the solar system, Kroni Major, from an agent of RHINO who claimed that they were looking after his younger brother, Jerome. The agent had adopted the 11-year-old Jerome on Fu-Sang 5 and moved to Kroni Major.

Life on Kroni Major Edit

After over a decade on the planet, Damian and Charlie had their third child, Violet, and were both working for Scorpion.

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