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Charlotte Sharkew is a New Human born in the Osiki district of New Tokyo on Fu-Sang 5. She works for Scorpion and is the older sister of Martin Gladius.

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Early Life Edit

Charlotte was born into poverty in the year 2168 during the Four Race War. Her father was a pilot in The Harashi Spacefleet and her mother was a military nurse. She was raised in Shohan's Children's Home but her parents came to visit as much as they could. When Charlie was nine years old, her parents both left the military and re-settled in the Osiki district. They took full responsibility of Charlie from then on and had a second child, Martin, by the time Charlie had turned ten.

Tragically, Charlie's mother died giving birth and her father went into deep grieving, unable to raise Martin. When duty called, he returned to the military leaving Charlie and her brother once again in the children's home. There, Charlie met Damian Sharkew, who would later become her husband.

Teen Years Edit

At age thirteen, Charlie and Damian were evicted from the children's home after it ran out of funds and all the staff were forced to leave without the children. Charlie and her boyfriend could not financially support her younger brother, so attempted to sell him on the black market. They were unsuccessful after he was kidnapped by gang members and couldn't be found by the police (PROSE: Induction).

Early Adulthood Edit

At age 18, Charlie was working on a market in the centre of New Tokyo with Damian, married and earning enough money to rent a small property on the outskirts of the city and support their newborn twin sons, Tom and Archie. Unbeknown to Damian, he had a younger brother, Jerome, who had been adopted by an agency called RHINO on Kroni Major. When Damian found out that his brother was on Kroni Major, he contacted him, reconnected and moved planet with Charlie. They got new jobs in the city of Zahar and kick-started their careers.

Life on Kroni Major Edit

After over a decade of living on their new home planet, Charlie and her husband had had their third child, Violet and had moved into a very large house, the likes of which didn't even exist on Fu-Sang 5. After five years, Charlie's brother-in-law, Jerome, was sent to Fu-Sang 5 by RHINO. When he told Charlie that he'd be staying in the Osiki district, she asked him to look for her younger brother while he was there. Jerome, along with his work partner Archie, conducted a meticulous search scheme during their time there and successfully found Martin. Of course, he never knew his sister well enough to remember her 17 years after he was kidnapped and so refused to believe he actually had a sibling. When Jerome and Archie finally convinced him, he joined RHINO in the hopes that he'd one day be able to reconnect with his family (PROSE: Induction).

When Charlie's brother came home for New Year's eve, she was ecstatic to meet him again and expressed her deepest regret for giving him up (PROSE: Long Night). Since then, they have re-formed their brother-sister relationship.

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