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Centurion are a private militia for hire with connections all over the UPA. They are led by previous Ava Army soldier General Edison Mackelroy. The soldiers are civilian recruits who have either trained privately to join the company, or have previous military experience.

Centurion have been responsible for dealing with serious incidents which the local police are unable to control and they have even supported allied forces in warfare before. However, Centurion tend not to engage in war unless they are a last resort.

Regiments Edit

Regiment Leader Battalions Areas of Operation
First Lieutenant General Hal Walker New Earth, Kroni Major, Kroni Minor
Second General Arden Barrick Fu-Sang 2, Fu-Sang 5, Okania
Third Lieutenant General Kennith Foxwell Terax, Palion, Goliath

History Edit

Centurion was founded by

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