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An almost desolate town, Canaville is feared by the common Kronian citizen. It is said that the town is inhabited by cannibals and wizards who have lost their sanity and have had their privileges removed by the Great Shaman. It is for these reasons that the town is cordoned off by the Forn government, and that no trespassing is prohibited. A 20 ft concrete and lead wall was built around the town in order to keep people out, but more importantly to keep anything else in. In the year 2174, a virus broke out in the town, and extra precautions were taken to ensure that it didn't spread to the surrounding areas. Despite this, people still moved away from the town when the news broke out with the virus, and the area surrounding it is now desolate too (for about 5 miles in any direction). No-one has entered or left the town for decades, and the government are making plans to cleanse it and turn it into a prison.

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