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Big Fish are a Zahar-based gang whose main objectives are unknown, but it is theorised that they are a group of criminals from all over the city who don't believe in the UPA's approach to justice.

History Edit

Foundation Edit

Big Fish was founded in 2198 in the city of Zahar on Kroni Major by several criminal kingpins. Their main aim was to undercut the UPA's intelligence (RHINO) so that they could operate easier.

Maximilian Bond Partnership Edit

A few months after their foundation, Big Fish were joined with Maximilian Bond's drug-trading network (PROSE: The Snake Pit). Bond brought with him a high influx of funding and arms, which strengthened Big Fish very quickly. Big Fish soon became a power to be reckoned with and showed off their power by targeting several major figures who threatened Big Fish's survival (PROSE: Dusk In Zahar, The Snake Pit). Maximilian Bond later became the leader of the gang.

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