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Archie Merkolov is a firearms maverick and intelligence expert. He is one of the highest regarded agents of all time and was been employed at RHINO for several years.

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Parents Edit

During his time training as a soldier, Archie's father was given a promotion in the Hyena division of RHINO which allowed him to tackle much harder missions. Unfortunately, one such mission led to him being captured and killed by a small group of terrorists. This tragedy led to Archie's mother's mental breakdown and she was consequently relieved from her duties at Scorpion as she couldn't handle work.

Early Life Edit

Archie was born into a family of great minds, his mother working for Scorpion and father working for RHINO. His family history - and the fact that he was born on New Earth - meant that he had a very privileged upbringing.

Education Edit

Early Education Edit

From age 4, Archie was in the highest education in Ava and became one of the country's top students. At age 7, he joined the Ava Cadets and began his training as a military asset.

College Edit

At age 15, Archie joined the Forthampton Military College and began his life in the Ava Army. He studied Psychology, Chemistry and Biology and gained the highest grade in all but Biology, in which he attained the second highest.

University Edit

Archie attended Ava Academy from age 18 where he completed a degree in Metapsychology. Throughout his university course, Archie was very focused on the army and became a better soldier than student, but still managed to gain his degree. Once he left university aged 21, he was approached by OMNI to join their military, but declined to join the Ava Army full time.

Ava Army Edit

In the army, Archie became a very talented and adept soldier and was quickly spotted by the authorities as a vital asset to their militaries. However, he left the army aged 23 and it did not take long before RHINO employed him.

Employment at RHINO Edit

Early Employment Edit

Archie joined RHINO after leaving the army in order to put his masters in metapsychology to use. He joined the Komodo division of RHINO, where he was stationed on Kroni Major, a planet much further away from his home than he anticipated, but gained experience in being an intelligence agent for the UPA.

Partnership with Jerome Sharkew Edit

After only a few months of employment at RHINO, Archie was given a partner and instructed to form a team of agents in order to take on some higher pay-grade missions. He was partnered with Jerome Sharkew, a fellow Komodo agent, and re-stationed to Fu-Sang 5 (PROSE: Long Night). They stayed on the new planet for a few weeks, failing to find a suitable agent until Agent Sharkew's sister-in-law contacted him telling him that she has a long-lost brother on the planet.

Archie and his partner found the long-long lost brother named Martin and found that he had very good combat skills. Archie and his partner quickly employed him and return immediately to Kroni Major (PROSE: Induction).

Komodo-12 Edit

Archie and his new partners eventually formed a team of four agents and became the team Komodo-12 (PROSE: Komodo-12). As this team, they took on several missions and became very successful in RHINO.

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