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An android or 'droid' is the general term for any humanoid robot with artificial intelligence in the A.M.I. Universe. There are several different types of android (see below) with varying levels of intelligence, capability and appearance.

Android Manufacturers Edit

There are several different manufacturers of androids within the A.M.I. Universe, each creating them for numerous reasons.

Bionicorp Edit

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Bionicorp are the largest manufacturer of androids in the U.P.A. and have the largest and most varied collection of android models.

Sonez Corporation Edit

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The Sonez Corporation are one of the largest manufacturers of domestic androids in the U.P.A. They mainly create them in order to use them as staff in their facilities, and therefore do not create them to very high levels of intelligence. Unlike other androids, those created by the Sonez Corporation mostly have only one 'protocol' (that is, one purpose) immediately after creation. This means that only a low level of intelligence is required and they do not qualify for citizenship. However, the corporation did begin a research and development project from The Taovo Institution for Innovation and Research in order to discover the benefits of higher-level intelligence in their androids. The project ultimately failed and was shut down.

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