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Aaron Ignis is an expert fighter and grew up in the Linga district of Zahar which meant that he had access to some of the most brutal fight clubs in the UPA (PROSE: Komodo-12)!

Life History Edit

Early Life Edit

Aaron was born in one of the worst places in the entire universe to be born as it is full of crime and the danger of gangs. Luckily for Aaron, he did not end up in a gang, but instead took to street fighting. His father was of Necri-human descent and his mother of New Human descent, which gave Aaron special genes which allowed him to access internal power no other New Human has ever accessed.

Aaron's parents were both killed in the Four Race War when he was only 4 years old, so did not have an upbringing. Despite this, he became a success when he joined a cage fighting circuit and began to use his powers to their full potential.

Employment at RHINO Edit

Aaron was never educated, so had no future ahead of him. Only luck was on his side, and when he entered one of the biggest underground fight clubs in his hometown, he was spotted by a team of RHINO agents who recruited him and inducted him into the agency immediately (PROSE: Komodo-12). From then on, Aaron has been employed as an agent at RHINO as part of the team named Komodo-12.

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