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Welcome to the A.M.I. Universe Website! Here you will find anything you need to know about A.M.I., and also see a list of everything in the franchise, as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest news and releases!

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On this wiki, you can find literally everything that has ever existed in the A.M.I. Universe and read more about it! Here is some more information about the A.M.I. Universe, its origins and its creators.

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KIRAN EVANS: Creator of the A.M.I. Universe and everything except below

Stuart Morgan: Creator of characters 'Martin "Razor" Gladius' and 'Spike' and inspiration for some of the clans.

Jason Hayden: Inspiration for characters 'Nexus' and 'Stormbeard'.

Liam Ballard: Inspiration for character 'Aaron Ignis'.

Peter Caffrey: Inspiration for character 'David Bourne'.

Artiom Casper: Inspiration for character 'Archie "Merko" Merkolov'.

Sam Cumber: Inspiration for character 'Alex Folksman'.

Thomas Kershaw: Inspiration for character 'Jerome "Shark" Sharkew'.

Tom Knight: Inspiration for character 'Sycho Zero'.

James Slaymaker: Inspiration for character 'Frederick Bladesmith'.


A.M.I. started off when creator Kiran Evans started his second YouTube channel in May 2011, with the intention of creating high-quality short films. Of course, this never actually happened due to a lack of equipment and time.

The channel was created with the username 'ARate100', after combining ideas from friends and YouTube's own suggestions. Once the channel was created, Kiran wanted to create a backstory for ARate100 and teamed up with friend and fellow YouTuber Jason Hayden, known on the site as 'Nexus'.

Kiran began to write a novel series named 'The Arteckian Chronicles' which never took off due to a lack of planning and fully-formed ideas. The idea was scrapped and nothing happened for a very long time.

Two years later, in 2013, Kiran had created several YouTube channels and joined together all his online media work to form Aacade Incorporated. Surrounded by friends who shared an interest in theatrical console games, Kiran set out on a mission to create a fantasy game - named 'Cold Legacy' - based on characters which his eight closest friends were inspired by. A script was rushed, once again with no planning, and the idea got changed several times before Kiran put that idea on the shelf too.

During 2013, Kiran combined 'Cold Legacy' and 'The Arteckian Chronicles' into one fictional universe and combined two characters: 'ARate100' from 'The Arteckian Chronicles' and 'Wolf' from 'Cold Legacy' into one, making a very complicated and mis-matched backstory which would be fixed later. He named the universe 'Urtisia' and based it around a solar system orbiting a star with the same name.

Another two years later, in 2015, the ideas had had some time to mature and grow and Kiran had created the original wiki in 2014, allowing ideas to be visualised. During the summer of that year, Kiran planned out a novel, 'Cooper', but decided not to delve too deep into it as he knew that graduating from high school would mean that this novel could not become reality anytime soon. Instead, Kiran began planning short stories.

These short stories became 'The Agency', featuring four characters created by his friends three years prior. The universe was renamed to 'The Almagamation of Many (great) Ideas' or 'A.M.I.' for short and it took off from there.